SPECIALTY SOCIETIES Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons Scientific Session

By: Francisco Martins, MD; Jeremy B. Myers, MD, FACS | Posted on: 01 May 2022

I hope you join us at the AUA for the Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons (GURS) scientific session (Friday, May 13, 2022). The educational goals are to highlight emerging techniques in reconstructive urology, recent innovation, and the fundamental disease pathophysiology and surgical approach in reconstructive urology. The sessions are designed to engage urologists throughout the spectrum of practice, from those in a community based general urology practice to a fellowship trained reconstructive urology practice.

GURS is pleased to continue a robust partnership with the AUA in New Orleans this spring at the AUA national meeting. For the second year (delayed 2 years due to the pandemic), GURS is co-sponsoring an all-day course just prior to the start of the AUA on Thursday, May 12. The course is sponsored in partnership with the AUA, the Society of Pediatric Urology and the Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine, and Urogenital Reconstruction. The course is directed by Drs. Melissa Kaufman, MD, PhD and Hadley Wood, MD and entitled “The Essential Guide to Congenitalism and Transitional Care.” The course will have expert lectures covering guideline review of spina bifida care, perioperative considerations, and how to address special considerations such as augmentation rupture and pregnancy management. Case-based discussion will engage the audience and orient the information in the lectures to practical clinical applications. The session will provide learning opportunities for anyone who sees patients with neurogenic bladder. There is discounted registration for fellows and residents.

This year at the GURS scientific session, there will be numerous expert lectures and an emphasis on surgical technique panels. The named lectures honor Dr. Brantley Scott, who helped to invent and bring the artificial urinary sphincter to clinical practice, and Dr. Charles Devine, who was one of the first reconstructive urologists in the country and one of the founding members of the GURS. The lecturers this year are Dr. Hadley Wood, who will discuss her insights and passion for transitional care in patients with congenital neurogenic bladder, and Dr. Catherine DeVries, who is being honored for her work in global surgery and founding IVUMed (International Volunteers in Urology). Even if reconstructive urology is not a big part of your practice, these thought leaders in urology will be very engaging as they speak about their inspiration and passion for urology.

Other highlights of the session will be a focus on different surgical techniques. In the gender affirmation portion of the session, a panel will focus on techniques for placement of penile prosthesis for trans-men after phalloplasty. The other 2 surgical technique sessions will focus on augmentation cystoplasty and treatment of neurogenic bladder, as well as different approaches to treatment of ureteral stricture. These sessions feature national thought leaders in reconstructive urology, such as Dr. Lee Zhao (New York University), presenting on “Penile Prosthesis Placement after Phalloplasty;” Dr. Brian Flynn (University of Colorado), presenting on “Outcomes after Ileal Ureter Substitution;” Dr. John Stoffel (University of Michigan), presenting on “Small Bowel Augmentation with Catheterizable Channels in Adults;” and Dr. Jill Buckley (University of California San Diego), presenting on “Buccal Graft Ureteral Repair.”

At GURS we are proud of the growth of our specialty and the expansion of the scope of reconstructive urology. Catch the excitement by attending this session at the AUA!