AUA LEADERSHIP PROGRAM 2023-2024 AUA Leadership Class: Service and Collaboration

By: Chris Deibert, MD, MPH Nebraska Medicine–University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha | Posted on: 30 Aug 2023

Service and collaboration encompass the heart of the AUA Leadership Program, of which I am one of 28 new members. The AUA is a sprawling organization with many opportunities to serve. Urologists can participate in panels, review abstracts, develop guidelines, assist with the journals, and focus on policy implementation. State societies, sections, and the national organization all want your involvement. Service can play huge roles, but also microprojects that support your professional goals in your own community. Frankly, our local hospitals and practices need continued surgeon leadership. And if you want to contribute but are not sure you have the voice for it, you do! Service lets you find and flex your voice through meaningful contributions.

Collaboration is the means of policy development and implementation. Collaboration in and across sections allows for the best ideas to reach up and be shared with our membership. Sometimes these are best practices, sometimes simply discussion options for difficult patient situations. Key stakeholders can be gathered, information shared, and processes reviewed. Local hospital policy can be improved from these discussions, as can statewide and national priorities.

The stated goals of the program are to develop leadership skills, learn about AUA operations, and participate in legislative advocacy under active mentorship of more senior members of AUA. Personally, I am eager to understand legislative advocacy. We face hurdles to continue telehealth, ease the administrative burden of our daily practice, and increase throughput from insurance coverage of the care we deliver. Equipping for this is my major goal to serve the patients and practices of Nebraska.

We all serve our families and patients already. Service to our field is a fulfilling opportunity for the many who desire it. I look forward to learning how to make a larger impact for our field as part of the AUA Leadership Program.