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AUA SECTION MEETINGS The Northeast Section 2023: Looking Forward

By: David A. Corral, MD, FACS, President, AUA Northeast Section | Posted on: 19 Sep 2023

Dear Friends:

Thankfully, the brunt of the pandemic is behind us and it is truly a relief to return to in-person medical meetings where we can once again interact and exchange ideas with our colleagues face-to-face. I am excited to invite you to make plans to attend the AUA Northeast Section (NSAUA) 75th Annual Meeting at The Westin in Pittsburgh, October 20 through 22, 2023. Our program director, Dr Bruce Jacobs, and I have compiled an impressive speakers list. The theme of the meeting will be “Looking Forward,” a welcome change after the pandemic years, with emphasis on the future direction of the practice of urology. We’ve broadened the subjects for discussion during the meeting to make the content appealing and informative for all members of our urologic community: private practitioners, employed urologists, academic urologists, nurses, advanced practice providers, and, of course, our urology residents. Talks, discussions, and debates will include biotechnology updates, future directions of health policy, the challenges facing urologists who practice in a rural setting, the current state and the need for reform of medical malpractice law, physician health, and new frontiers such as xenotransplantation, artificial intelligence, and others. Each session will emphasize what we can expect going forward and how best to adapt, with the goal of keeping every talk and discussion both fun and informative.

One of the highlights of our meeting is the annual Slotkin Lecture, delivered by an internationally recognized member of the urology community who has made exceptional contributions to the advancement of our field. This year it will be delivered by Neal D. Shore, MD, FACS. Dr Shore has conducted more than 350 clinical trials and serves on the boards of multiple urological societies and publications. He will be speaking on both the current state-of-the-art treatment of advanced genitourinary malignancies, as well as the incorporation of clinical trials into your busy practice. We look forward to hearing his advice on expanding clinical trial participation, an area in which he has had tremendous success.


Also, some of the other highlights of the itinerary include talks on the impact of artificial intelligence on urology and society in general by Drs Khurshid Guru and Bryan Wilder; developments in genital cancer and reconstruction by Drs Paul Perrotte, Mark Smaldone, and Paul Rusilko; urologist health and well-being by Drs Andrew Miller and Jennifer Berliner; and the latest developments in surgery, radiation, and surveillance for prostate cancer by Drs Seetharam Bhat, Ahmed Ghazi, Zachary Horne, and Melissa Huyn. The state-of-the art management of bladder cancer will be addressed by Drs Jodi Maranchie, Khurshid Guru, and Cheryl Lee. We are looking forward to a free-for-all cage-match discussion on the state of medical malpractice systems in the United States and Canada, which will include addresses by both defense and plaintiff attorneys and medical experts. Four experts will also discuss the challenges facing rural urologists and the potential for public policy decisions to address these needs. Dr Stephen Emery will speak on current in utero management of fetal urological disorders, and Drs Rajiv Choudry and Alexandra Rehfus will bring us up to date on the most recent advances in pediatric urology. Drs Chris Chermansky and Teresa Danforth will give us updates on the management of voiding dysfunction, and the AUA Course of Choice Lecture will feature Dr Wayne Hellstrom speaking on current concepts and controversies in male hormone replacement therapy. Additionally, we look forward to spirited resident debates on current management of benign prostatic hyperplasia and calculi. These segments are traditionally some of the most entertaining and fun portions of the meeting. Fun Night at the Heinz History Center promises to include some distinctive local flavor, including a bluegrass band known for interacting with their audience.

Please join us for what promises to be a great meeting. You can register at

Additionally, in order to help the NSAUA grow and strengthen, we understand the importance of cultivating our relationships with those who will be the section’s future leaders. The board of directors of the NSAUA is committed to increasing engagement and participation of our resident members on both sides of the border. To accomplish this, we are moving forward with the formation of the NSAUA Resident Committee, as well as the establishment of 2 new positions on the board of directors for urology residents from the United States and Canada. The board aims to gain greater insight into the needs and challenges of our resident members that may help guide and direct future policy decisions. Along with the committee formation and establishment of board of directors positions, we will continue to support the works of residents, fellows, and researchers from our section through scholarships and funding, and by showcasing their results at our meetings. We hope that, by providing this exposure and experience for young section members, we can increase their overall interest and participation in section activities.

Lastly, on behalf of the NSAUA board of directors, I would like to personally thank the staff of WJ Weiser and Associates for their outstanding efforts during our transition over the past couple of years. Your work has helped keep us on track through the pandemic and allowed us to continue to grow and thrive.