FIVE QUESTIONS WITH... 5 Questions With Jaime Andrés Cajigas Plata, MD

By: Jaime Cajigas, MD, Clinica de Marly, Bogotá, Colombia President, Colombian Society of Urology | Posted on: 19 Sep 2023

1. Why Did You Choose Urology?

I chose urology because it is a field that involves both clinical and surgery skills, and provides relief and cure for very common diseases. My father was a urologist, so I was able to be exposed from a very young age.

2. What Was the Best Advice You Received As a Resident/Trainee?

One of my professors once told me, “Never be the first one to do a procedure that just came out, and never be the last to do something that is not supposed to be done anymore.” So I understand that you have to be patient with new technologies, but you can’t let time pass to learn what is better for your patients.

3. If You Were Not a Urologist, What Would You Be?

I can’t imagine doing something else. Urology is a fulfilling area of medicine.

4. What Do You See as the Biggest Clinical Challenge in Urology Today? What Is the Biggest Opportunity?

To keep in touch with all the evolution in the field, that at the same time is the biggest opportunity.

5. It’s the Year 2030—What Do You Think Will Be the Biggest Change/Innovation in Urology?

We are seeing right now the change to a decreased need for surgery in most of our field of work, and understanding the causes of most of our diseases for sure will lead to more streamlined treatment. We are going to be exposed to artificial intelligence in the pathways to decisions in both diagnostics and treatments.

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